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I am so excited to announce that I’m a brand ambassador for the LifeGlider. The LifeGlider has been a game changer since I’ve been using it. These videos are a few weeks old and I’ve made amazing progress since they were recorded. The LifeGlider will be perfect for those who need some help with walking. I’m more independent and confident with my walking thanks to the LifeGlider. I truly believe I will reach the finish line with all my hard work and the LifeGlider. This is a great opportunity to introduce the LifeGlider to the world of rehabilitation and physical therapy. The LifeGlider represents an evolution in assistive mobility devices, and is unique in that it secures the user’s center of gravity. This enables upright posture and encourages proper gait, balance and greater confidence as the fear of falling disappears. I believe the LifeGlider will improve the lives of millions without a doubt. #LifeGlider


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