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The Journey

“Turning the impossible to possible!”

October 31st, 2013 was not just another Halloween for me. While heading back from my break to Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville, Florida, a vehicle struck my brand new car from behind, a blow that sent me spinning into the busy intersection. The same car barreled into me three more times and amidst the twisted metal and shattered glass I found myself in the back seat of my vehicle and I kept telling myself to wake up. I fought hard to open my eyes for a second. I had lost consciousness. I don’t even remember paramedics taking me out of the wreck. It was a miracle I was even alive. Just four days after my 29th birthday here I was about to start the biggest fight of my life.

The paramedics had determined the situation was grave and took me to a trauma unit. I didn’t understand what had happened and I thought this was just going to be a “Band-Aid job”. I arrived at the hospital with not a scratch or drop of blood on me. My parents were notified of my accident that very early morning and arrived shortly after. I’ll never forget my mom telling me everything was going to be okay. Doctors took us into a room and revealed the worst news anybody would ever want to hear. X-Rays and scans showed the horrific damage, my neck was fractured in multiple places from c4, c5, c6, and c7. My neck was hanging by a thread, three centimeters to be exact. I had to be taken into surgery immediately and the surgery lasted twelve hours, my neck had to fused by titanium rods and screws. I woke up from the surgery not being able to breathe on my own. I was surrounded by family but couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move a finger or toe. I was paralyzed on all four limbs. Doctors concluded I was now a quadriplegic and had told us I was not going to move anything from my neck down.




November 15, 2017
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